Two Days with Meta Hiltebrand

The Swiss TV chef, author and restaurateur Meta Hiltebrand is known in the business for her passion and punk. For two days I followed the orange haired chef on her way through Zurich – from fish market to flower shop to her kitchen in Le Chef, the restaurant she’s been heading since 2013. Wow!

Spargelsalat mit Jakobsmusschle97
Meta´s Küche im Les Chef_265
gebackene Tomatensuppe_25
moulle im topf15
´13-Meta-neben Blumenladen-Gegenlicht-05
Eis am Stiel_42
Meta´s Küche im Les Chef_224
Latte Macchiato Creme mit Wachtel11
Meta´s Küche im Les Chef_19
Würstchen im Glas62
gefüllte Avocado_20
´13-Meta-Metzgerei-Müller-im Laden-40
Knödel mit Cassis Chutney_22
erbsen- vanille panacotta16

Visiting Sipgate

Sipgate is one of the largest VoIP providers in Europe with several hundred thousand customers in Germany and the UK. Daily, their canteen at the Düsseldorf office serves its staff both healthy and delicious breakfasts and lunches. At their regularly occuring events –  such as the Lean DUS presentation series – also non-employees can try their very yummy food.

Sipgate_Katzenvideo_02_18_16- 11
Sipgate_Katzenvideo_02_18_16- 36
Sipgate_Katzenvideo_02_18_16- 25
Sipgate_Katzenvideo_02_18_16- 52
Sipgate_Katzenvideo_02_18_16- 86
Sipgate_Katzenvideo_02_18_16- 32
Sipgate_Katzenvideo_02_18_16- 80
Sipgate_Katzenvideo_02_18_16- 51
Sipgate_Katzenvideo_02_18_16- 45
Sipgate_Katzenvideo_02_18_16- 41