BFF Exhibition in Cologne Ehrenfeld from 30.10. – 1.11.2020

JUMP #09 EXHIBITION fragile/s

fragile;fragile – description of the state of a society

An exhibition of the BFF Regionalverband NRW

30.10. – 01.11.2020

Alte Aufzugsfabrik / Marienstrasse 71 / Cologne – Ehrenfeld

22 photographers show current works in a thematic exhibition.

A small, originally harmless virus has shaken our apparently stable society, shaken structures of society and economy.

What the euro crisis and climate change have not yet achieved, Corona has managed:

Politicians trust in science and let themselves be guided by it.

But the fragility of our system is becoming visible, while other unsolved problems are fading into the background. We are dealing with them.

Like all private and public events in Cologne, the exhibition is subject to the Corona Protection Ordinance of the City of Cologne. The BFF is obliged to comply with this and also refers to the AHA rule in advance:

Keep your distance – observe hygiene – wear an everyday mask

The hanging of modern photographs in the large exhibition hall gives us the opportunity to meet the current requirements and still make a statement.

At the back of the exhibition hall, the photographers present invite to small talk – with food truck on the large, roofed open space.


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30.10. – Vernissage 18.00 – 24.00

                        19.00 opening speech

31.10. – Exhibition 10.00 – 22.00

01.11. – Artist brunch 10.00 – 16.00