Cookbook – Geschmacksache Krefeld

65 Recipes – 65 Portraits – 65 Nations


With the special cookbook “Geschmacksache” (Matter of Taste), Stadtmarketing Krefeld has created a unique portfolio of the people of its city. On 280 pages, Krefelders from the 65 most represented nations not only tell their personal story about the Silk City, but also present their favourite recipe and give insight into customs, traditions and (eating) habits of their home country.

For this purpose, Krefeld editor Ann-Katrin Roscheck put the finishing touches to the interviews and recipes and at the same time researched exciting facts, humorous tales and stories from the respective countries. The unique wet plate photography of photographer Oliver Brachat gives the protagonists a face: in a very special, almost magical way, the Krefeld native has captured the people in their idiosyncrasies with a historical camera technique. The playful linoleum cuts by artist Carla Osebold decorate the pages in a colourful way. Student Camille Köhler from the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences is responsible for the typesetting.

The cookbook “Taste Matter” is a great gift, but should also have a permanent place in every kitchen in Krefeld.

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