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Streetfood – A culinary trip through the streets foods of the world

Street Food evokes longing for far away places. It reminds us of past travels, amazing people and encounters with different cultures. Inspired by Asia’s food stands, streetfood is being celebrated in many locations around the globe. This new book is a culinary trip through the streets foods of the world by Torsten Hülsmann and Anton Buntenkötter.

• “Street Food homemade”
• Hölker Verlag (publisher): 2016
• Recipes: Torsten Hülsmann & Antonio Buntenkötter

Enjoying Ice Cold Creations

Refreshing ice cold creations – creamy classics, tart sherbets and sophisticated ice cream cakes – all of these are shown in this new book which was produced in cooperation with Andreas Neubauer. We firmly believe: homemade ice cream is the best!

  • “Eis genießen: Verführerische Rezepte” (Enjoying Ice Cream: Seductive Recipes)
  • Hölker Verlag (publisher)
  • Recipes: Andreas Neubauer
Eisbuch Grünteelutscher
Eisbuch Hollunderblüten Eis