About Oliver

Oliver Brachat Porträt
Oliver Brachat Porträt

Actually, Oliver Brachat is a trained chef. After his apprenticeship in the Black Forest region he gained his first professional experience at numerous top notch German restaurants. Then he continued to work for two and a half years at highend establishments in the United States. There he bought a second-hand Leica camera, discovered his love for photography and spent every free minute taking pictures.

That love proved so strong that on his return to Germany he decided to quit working as a chef. Fortunately, he was able to join Christian Teubner‘s highly regarded food photography studio, where he was able to combine his passion for the camera and the stove! He picked up the tools of yet another trade and became a successful food stylist.

At the same time he continued taking pictures and published them in culinary magazines, cookbooks and on websites. Today, Oliver has successfully launched his career as a professional photographer.

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